101 is

the smallest three digit prime

a palindrome

the sum of 13 + 17 + 19 + 23 + 29
(consecutive primes)

5 in binary
(1 = 1, 10 = 2, 11 = 3, 100 = 4,
101 = 5)

number of départments in France

lois: la charte de la lange française

US Highway called El Camino Real

UK telephone non-urgent emergency number


but I’d rather ignore room 101

In 2000 the editor of Lexicon (Philip Anderson) said that a story I had written was too long.  A Radio 4 book programme included an interview with an English writer of very short (100 word) stories, who had them published in Europe because no English publisher would be bothered with him until one noticed that his books were selling.  I could not take his format of 100 words but 101 would do, so I offered the story to Mr Anderson in a choice of 101 and (Arabian Nights like) 1001 words.

101 word snippets of law followed in in 2008 and a pageful, eight snippets, appears in New Law Journal whenever the editor, Jan Miller, had nothing else to fill the last page.  It is Jan whom I thank for coining the title The Reduced Law Dictionary.




snippets of 101 words

Three Icons of English Literature

the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

Shakespeare’s plays (First Folio)

the novels of Charles Dickens

the British Kings and Queens since 1066

the Reduced Law Dictionary

motor cars in my life

snippets of life

some of them on Kindle




more than 101 words

books in print

Goloknip stories for children

L’éducation Gallets (et autre gastronomique d’un jeun anglais



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